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  Mi Trip  -  the travel app       

The Mi Trip Travel App allows you to create a detailed itinerary and link information items and expenses to each event within that itinerary. It can accumulate your expenses into Expense Accounts and convert the amounts back to your home currency.

Mi Trip will work on both Smartphones and Tablets.

There are two versions of this app 

Mi Trip           -   Paid app   -  complete functionality, no ads.

Mi Trip LITE  -   Free app  -  reduced functionality, ads, upgradable to 'Mi Trip'

 -  see the 'Mi Trip LITE' page for

        • more information on 'Mi Trip LITE'
        • upgrading from 'Mi Trip LITE' to 'Mi Trip'






    •  Create and update your itinerary.
    •  Works on Android phones and tablets.
    •  Updates do not need Internet connection - straight to phone.
    •  Select from 10 different pre-defined events (eg. CheckIn, Flight, Meet).
    •  Headings appear in your itinerary whenever the Date or Place changes.
    •  Attach information items to any event.
    •  Click an event to see a list of it's information items.
    •  Create Expense items - allocate them to user defined Expense Accounts.
    •  Expenses convert to your home currency.
    •  Lists,  summarises and totals expenses by Expense Account.
    •  Use the Import/Export functions to do updates on your computer.


                   Itinerary (list of events)                    Item list (for an event)

A lot of the data is available in drop-down selections (spinners), so entry is mostly 'select and click'.



Events are the entries that make up your itinerary. There are 10 pre-defined events to select from. 

Here are the events together with the information each displays on the itinerary

    1.  ALARM     -     triggers the alarm clock in your phone at the given date and time
    2.  FLIGHT     -     shows your flight number and destination
    3.  CHECK IN     -     shows the name of your accomodation 
    4.  CHECK OUT 
    5.  TRAVEL     -     shows a mode of travel and your destination
    6.  ARRIVE     -     shows the time and place of your arrival
    7.  PICK UP CAR     -     shows the car rental agency
    8.  DROP OFF CAR    -     shows the car rental agency    
    9.  MEET     -     shows the person/group and meeting place
    10.  DO     -     shows an activity

With the ALARM event it is possible to set all your alarm clock events while planning or detailing your trip. No need to worry about setting alarms while on your holiday or business trip.


  Information Items

Items are the pieces of information attached to each event. There are many pre-defined item types but you can also create any number of user-defined Items as required. Once a new Item has been defined it will then be listed with the pre-defined ones in the Item drop-down selection (spinner) making it easy to 'select and click' in future.

Item features : 

    •  Select from pre-defined item types (eg. Check In, Parking, Address)
    •  Create your own information item types
    •  User-defined item types added to the pre-defined list for subsequent selections
    •  Store scanned or downloaded JPEGs as information items - click to view
    •  Store your booking receipts, passport pages, maps, whatever, as JPEGs.
    •  Store downloaded videos (eg. MP4) as information items - click to view
    •  Store Google Map locations as information items - click to view
    •  Store Web Pages as information items - click to view
    •  Items in the 'Expenses' item group can be summarised and totalled
    •  Money Items will be shown in currency of origin and your home currency


When you create an Item in the 'Expense' item group an Expense Account entry field will be displayed. The default expense account is shown ('#All Expenses#') but you can create your own user-defined expense accounts by entering it in the 'Expense Account' field. Once saved, the new Expense Account will show in the Expense Account drop-down list (spinner).

Expenses features : 

    •  All expenses (for the trip) detailed on the 'Expenses' screen - click the '$' icon
    •  Summary of expense totals for each Expense Account
    •  Overall expense total available on the summary screen
    •  All money amounts converted to your home currency


To get to the settings screen click the 'Settings' icon at the top of the Itinerary screen. On the settings screen you can adjust the Currency parameters, the date format, the time format and the name of the current trip.

There is room for up to 5 currencies to be entered, enter a 3 character currency prefix and the current conversion factor (to convert this currency back to your home currency). The third column ('Items used in') shows how many items (in this trip) this currency is used in. You cannot remove or change a currency if it is being used (ie. 'Used in' > 0), you must remove the items containing that currency first.

The 'Home Currency' is the currency you normally use. For example, if you live in the USA then it would be USD (US dollars).

The 'Default Currency' is the currency that you would like to be the default when the currency is to be entered. For example, if you are taking a holiday across Europe you would probably use EUR (Euro) here.

This screen also allows you to change the name of this trip by entering something in the 'New Name' field and then click 'OK'. 

  More Information
To get more detailed information about the functions of Mi Trip go to the Screens page on this website. A summary of what is available on the Screens page (with links) is available at the bottom of this page.

  Mi Trip  -  Video  

Click below for an introduction video for Mi Trip. This gives you the basic concepts and terminology.


  Mi Trip  -  Download

Click below to download Mi Trip or Mi Trip LITE from the Google Marketplace (Google Play). 



  After downloading the App - what's best to do   

Once you have downloaded the MiTrip App, the best way to get to understand how it works, is to do the following -

    1. Watch the  'Mi Trip Introduction' video - gives you a basic understanding of the Itinerary, Events and Items.
    2. Have a 'play' with the App to orient yourself.
    3. Go to the 'Screens' page of this website and go through the detailed explanations provided (for each screen you are interested in). 
    4. Go through all the screen explanations on the 'Screens' page, to get an overall idea of the capabilities of the App.
    5. If you really like this App then we would appreciate you giving us a good rating on Google Play (use the 'Rate Trip' icon at the top of the Itinerary screen).   

Once you have a reasonable understanding of how Mi Trip works, then, move on to the Import/Export functions. You only need Import/Export if you plan to make extensive or even moderate use of this App.

  More detailed explanations :

Click on the links below to see each screen with a detailed explanation.

 List of Screens

    1. Trip itinerary  -  a list of all 'Events' in the Trip.
    2. Item list  a list of 'Items' relating to one 'Event'.
    3. FIL_Link  -  link to a JPEG or similar file, display pictures, scanned receipts, bookings, etc.
    4. MAP_Link  -  link to a screen showing Google Maps for a set location. 
    5. VID_Link  -  link to a Video which could have been taken by the phone, uploaded from YouTube, etc.
    6. WEB_Link  -  link to a WebSite.
    7. Event Maintenance  -  ADD or UPDATE an Event in the Trip itinerary.
    8. Item Maintenance   ADD or UPDATE and Item in an Event.
    9. Trips List  -  see all Trips, change to another Trip, ADD Trips, DELETE Trips, alter Trip settings, etc.
    10. Trip Settings   -  update the Trip name, Date/Time format, Currency conversions, etc. 
    11. Expenses  get a list of all Trip expenses and a summary by Expense Accounts.


  Import / Export :

Mi Trip has the capabilty to Import or Export a Trip from or to your computer. It uses an XML file structure and you can do bulk updates via an XML editor (best method) but you can use any editor or word processor for this task.

Click here - to go to a more detailed explanation of Import / Export.



Click here - to go to the webpage containing all the Mi Trip documentation.